The Bone Club Ep3: Olecranon Fractures

We had an extremely productive discussion which went on for 90 minutes. We spoke about two papers:

1. Duckworth et al. "Plate Versus Tension-Band Wire Fixation for Olecranon Fractures: A Prospective Randomized Trial" JBJS 2017


Summary Slides:

2. Parkes et al. "Complications and mortality associated with olecranon fractures in the elderly: a retrospective cohort comparison from a large level one trauma centre" Shoulder & Elbow 2021


Summary Slides: See below

The panel agreed that both papers were good and reconfirmed practice. Here are some summary slides regarding the Parkes et al. paper.

We have also recorded the discussion for audio playback which will be uploaded as an unedited Podcast accessible here: