Mission Statement

Advancing our profession by sharing knowledge and promoting attitudes that benefit patients and our global community. 


Our purpose is to sustain a growing global platform for the dissemination of ideas and knowledge to optimise and advance the management of musculoskeletal disease. This is achieved by providing an accessible, high-quality space that celebrates the diversity of our members and is inclusive of healthcare setting, geography and level of experience. 

Organisation Values

Our core values are to

  1. Realize the power of our community by fostering diversity and promoting good professional practice:

    1. Diversity: We are committed to ensuring diversity in our leadership and membership. 

    2. Professional practice: We are committed to developing and maintaining our professional practice, enhancing inter-professional communication and collaboration.

    3. Inspire the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons.

  2. Deliver a high quality forum with equal access and mutual respect:

    1. Provide a space for high-quality information to be efficiently and effectively disseminated between members.

    2. Hold ourselves and our members to account in ensuring open-mindedness to all legitimate views and interpretation of evidence by giving equal access to discussion.

  3. Highlight and promote innovative practices in orthopaedics: 

    1. We are committed to supporting the spread of research, training opportunities and pioneering ideas which have the potential to improve patient care or how surgeons can thrive in and outside of the workplace.